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Re: Big Bang Theory disproved. by Lounge Trekker on 3 August 2013 9:05pm
So what would you name a stellar body, if you discovered one, Ken?
Re: Big Bang Theory disproved. by Ken Dunn on 4 August 2013 3:17am
I think they already have a system for naming stars. It's a code of some sort. Super nova and new comets are named. If I discovered a distant super nova it would be named after me - Ken Dunn. If I discovered a near supernova I would say, "Hang on to your hats!" and it would be named Ken Dunn2.
Swift Tuttle and Halley are names given to a couple of comets and there was a super nova discovered recently but I can't remember it's name. Asteroids are being tracked as they are moving around close to us. There is an identification system for them too.
http://news.discovery.com/space/galaxies/hubble-spots-the-most-distant-supernova-ever-130405.htm or 'super nova discovery' in your search engine will show you this one but it's not the one I was thinking about. This one is coded and named after Wilson.
Re: Big Bang Theory disproved. by suzulu on 4 August 2013 5:41pm
There was a programme on BBC4 last night (well, early hours of the morning, 1.05 a.m.)called "The Comet's Tale". It was really interesting, how comets come about and also asteroids. It seems that comets come from far far away, maybe not from this galaxy, while asteroids are a lot closer. Quite frightening though at the thought of a comet colliding with Earth!
Re: Big Bang Theory disproved. by Ken Dunn on 27 February 2016 5:46am
I'm researching this - it isn't half complicated.

Update on 1 March 2016. My wife and I saw the flash of light caused by the meteor which lit up northern Scotland for a few seconds at about 6.45pm yesterday evening. we had dropped our daughter at the Sheraton in Edinburgh at about 6.15 and were heading back towards the Forth Road Bridge about half an hour later and to the high left out of the front wind screen we saw a flash which could have been lightning (assessed at the time). News reports today state that the flash was from a meteor over northern Scotland. It burned up very quickly. Some people heard a noise at the time of the flash but inside a moving car we heard nothing.
Re: Big Bang Theory disproved. by suzulu on 27 February 2016 11:24pm
It does sound complicated!
Re: Big Bang Theory disproved. by Ken Dunn on 2 September 2016 11:55pm
The only thing that could disprove my 'disproved theory' is the intensity of the red shifted light. If it is dull then my theory is correct. If it is bright then I am wrong. Did you know that in 1970 they had clear specifications for 27,000 colours (approximately).
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