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Hemingway Adventure

Hemingway's life

Michael Palin - Hemingway Adventure1952 - The Old Man and the Sea is published and his reputation is redeemed.

1953 - The Old Man and the Sea awarded Pulitzer Prize.

1954 - January: Premature obituaries following two plane crashes within three days in northern Uganda.
- October: Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature.

1955 - Starts writing African journal, to be published 44 years later as True at First Light.

1956 - Old diaries discovered at the Paris Ritz which form the basis for A Moveable Feast, finally published in 1964.

1958 - Moves out of Cuba and back to the American West, renting a cabin in Ketchum, Idaho.

1959 - A 10,000-word article following the Ordonez-Dominguin mano a mano bullfights in Spain, later published in Life magazine (1960) and as the book The Dangerous Summer (published 1985).
- July: Celebration of 60th birthday in Málaga.

1960 - Two suicide attempts. Treated at the Mayo Clinic with electric shock therapy.

1961 - Discharged in January. Another suicide attempt in April, returns to clinic. Discharged as ‘cured’ 26 June.
- 2 July kills himself.
- Buried in Ketchum cemetery.
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